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Extreme Channel Catfishing

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Useful Rigs

There are lots of different catfish rigs, but with a few basics you should be able to cover most situations. I use only Monofilament line for catfishing. Catfish feed mostly by smell and feel, so they do not seem put off by the braided line. Necessitate a baitcasting rod and reel. Whewn I going after channel cats I use 10 to 20-lb line.


STUMP JUMP RIG - Used primarily in small to med. sized rivers to place baits directly into the stumps.

We let the weight slide all the way to the hook to allow us to fish right in the timber with minimal hang ups. It also makes for faster rigging when we do break off.


3 WAY SWIVEL RIG - Tie a heavy-duty three-way swivel to end of your braided line. To one ring tie a 24" leader and 6/0 to 8/0 hook. To the other tie a 12" lighter weight leader with a sinker. Use suitable size bell sinker in lakes and slower rivers or a pyramid sinker in faster current. The lighter leader on sinker is so you won't loose the fish in case of a hang up on the bottom. Use for dough, stink, cheese bait, and cut bait or live bait. Sometimes we will add a peg float 3 - 5 inches from the hook to keep the bait swimming off the bottom. The use of 1.5 - 2 oz. weights is comon


FLOAT RIG- Use in river with current or lake. Use to drift live or cut bait past likely looking snags and undercuts. I use a bullet shaped float and a split shot dropper to keep the bait at the right depth