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Extreme Channel Catfishing

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  Any kind of tackle is good. The size of th etackle depends on th esize of the catfish your after. Ssalt-water gear or a big castin reel with a star drag and strong  rod are not too much tackle for big cats. The hooks should be big and strong. Mr. Whiskers can fight id you don't over power him with too heavy tackle.
One of the very efftice tactic for getting a catfish (providing that its legal in your area) is the jug trick. This is nothing, but the old setline with a new twist. Anchor an empty jug from detergent or bleach in a likely looking catfish hole and tie it with cut fish,chicken liver, or doughbait. The bait should be just off the bottom. Leave it until a catfish comes along and gets hooked, or until your bait is stolen.
Once a catfish starts to bite, its usually not too careful. more catfish will get hook than steal the bite.  The idea time to bai tset line is in th evening . By morning yo ushould have a cat fish for breakfast.
Another good trick it to chum an are with smelly bait and then wait for a hour or two. By that time the current will have spread the message that an easy meal is nearby and hungry catfish will come to feed. But don't over-scatter the bait, it will be like a drop in a bucket. Another good idea is to keep your bait, moving a little. Just bounce it along th ebottom every so often. This also makes it easy for the current to carry odors.