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Extreme Channel Catfishing

 Channel Catfish fishing is enjoyed by fishermen across America.

Catfish are a special breed and so are catfishermen. Catfish are not very pretty (although we've seen some lady catfishermen who were), but when they're skinned out and sizzling in the skillet, thet take on a special attaction. They look good then, and they taste even better. Thats why we have catfishermen. They probably aren't many anglers who catch catfish just for fun. It's not that catching Mr. Whiskers isn't much fun, it's just much fun, its just eatting him is even better.
There are several species of catfish of interest to North American anglers, although there are several hundred species scattered throughtout the world. The Channel catfish is one of the principal sport species on this contient.
But this website will be talking about one cat and that is the channel catfish